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Canadian Securities Course (CSC®): Accelerated Study Guides and Supplemental Materials #

In today’s highly competitive financial services landscape, employees who are committed to their personal development are the ones who excel. The Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) developed at Canadian Securities Institute, A Moody’s Analytics Company, is a well known financial services credential that many employers demand.

The CSC® is a baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities, mutual fund and alternative funds transactions.

This site contains supporting materials for educators and students, allowing to develop more supplemental courses, certifications, quizzes, exams.

The CSC® course is heavy and contains outdated materials such as Financial Calculator technique and even formulas based on buttons found on such calculator (currently, SHARP® EL-738XT), without real explanations of how to “invent” such formulas from scratch using for example Excel, Libre, and even pen and paper.

Our goal is to design alternative ways of learning and most importantly understanding deeply the logic of the subjects (trading, investments, insurance, law), and to make financial literacy simpler and accessible to everyone: students, educators, interviewers, job seekers, IT professional, professional traders, investors, and just for everyone.

What skills will you develop? #

A better understanding of the Canadian financial services landscape

Greater knowledge about various financial instruments such as equities, managed products, structured products, derivatives and more

The ability to accurately assess company, industry and market performance

Deeper knowledge of industry standards and codes of ethics

Skills, knowledge and tools to better serve your clients

Meet proficiency requirements to deal in Alternative Mutual Funds

What careers can you pursue after taking this course? #

Mutual Funds and Alternative Mutual Funds Sales Representative

  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Representative
  • Investment Advisor
  • Bank or Trust Company Officer