Financial Literacy for Everyone!

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What is financial literacy?

The term “financial literacy” may seem confusing. The word “literacy” is not part of everyday language, and the word “finance” can scare people away. But that shouldn’t scare you.

The concept of financial literacy is actually quite simple. It means being knowledgeable enough to feel confident in making the right decisions when managing your personal finances and managing the stress and emotions that come with it.

Knowing financial literacy can mean knowing the differences between savings strategies, knowing how to budget, and understanding some general tax fundamentals. It also means being aware of the importance of postponing or planning for your retirement. It covers a wide range of topics.

Does this mean you should become a financial expert? No. But you need to feel the logic of the subject, to understand the basics of monetary theories, economy, compound interest, assets vs. liabilities, and… indeed, to hire the right people to work for you.

Why is financial literacy important?

It is important to note that being in good financial health does not necessarily mean being rich. Rather, it means being aware of your situation and having a plan to improve it; money will come to you easily.

And BTW, do you know what the term “money” means? It’s not what you think… you will love it!